Our History

MOPAK Group History

1926   Founder Mehmet Ali Molay, establishes the first printing house of the region in the İzmir Fevzi Paşa Boulevard and begins paper trading.

1930   The second generation family member E. Ruhi Molay, moves printing to the packaging industry.

1970   Third generation Mehmet Ali Molay, graduates from Berlin Graphical Arts Academy and establishes his own printing house upon returning to the country.

1974   Mehmet Ali Molay, moves his printing house to his new five-storey building. He joins forces with baba E.Ruhi Molay in İzmir Çamdibi.

1979    Ruhi Molay dies, Mehmet Ali Molay takes over the responsibility.



  •    Foundation of the İzmir-Kemalpaşa facilities is laid.
  •    MOPAK Kemalpaşa Wastewater Treatment Plant goes into operation.

1984     Production permission for playing card is obtained, 95 % of the playing cards %100 of which is imported is began to be produced by MOPAK.


  •    Tipping paper production begins.
  •    12 million $ of production is reached in Iraqi market.


  •    MOPAK turns towards the internal market by focusing its investments on stationery equipment, notebook and photocopy papers.


  •       MOPAK, adds Bulgaria, France and TRNC after Iraq, Iran and Germany to its export network.
  •       The MOPAK Training Center in which journeyman and apprenticeship training is provided, is established.
  •       MOPAK is granted an award as the second establishment making the highest investment and providing the maximum employment, as the third establishment of the highest export, in the Industrial sector of Paper and Paper Products, by the Aegean Chamber of Industry.


  •    First of the MOPAK Stationary Hypermarkets which is established within the MOPAK Kağıt ve Kırtasiye Pazarlama A.Ş. is opened in Izmir.
  •    Paper production capacity reaches 36000 tons/year by 50% increase, notebook production capacity reaches 6000tons/year by 100% increase.


  •    MOPAK Ankara Hypermarket comes into service.
  •    The first participation from the Turkish Paper Industry to the PaperWorld which is the world’s biggest paper fair held in Frankfurt, Germany each year is ensured by MOPAK.

1995      MOPAK Book Cover Design Contest is organized to increase the students’ interest in the arts and becomes traditional.



  •    MOPAK Deutschland GmbH is established and becomes the center of the exports to Europe.
  •    MOPAK İstanbul Hypermarket is opened.


  •    MOPAK puts MOPAK Cogeneration Power Plant into practice in order to produce its own energy.
  •    MOPAK Industrial Vocational High School starts education with 16 classes and 600 student.

1998     MOPAK Foundation of Education and Culture (MEV) is established in order to raise creative and productive individuals required by Turkish Industry, to increase their knowledge and experience and to ensure their social improvement.

1999     Annual paper production capacity of MOPAK reaches 60000 tons, paper processing capacity reaches 100000 tons


  •    MOPAK wins the Seka Dalaman privatization tender.
  •    MOPAK Bursa Hypermarket is opened.
  •    It produces the first TSE certified notebooks of which eligibility for eye health is determined.
  •    Again it leads the way in the sector by presenting MOPAK Card that allows customers to make privileged shopping from MOPAK Hypermarkets.


  •    MOPAK Dalaman Cellulose-Paper Cardboard Integrated Plants go into operation.
  •    50 trillions of sales volume is achieved.
  •    Cardboard production is started after cellulose in Dalaman Plant.

2002     MOPAK is granted an award as the third establishment of the highest export, in the Industrial sector of Paper and Paper Products, by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry.


  •    It puts Industrial Eucalyptus Plantations Project   into practice for the first time in Turkey, which will make great contributions to Turkish Economy and the ecological system and starts the establishment of ‘Industrial Forests of Eucalyptus’ project.
  •    Takes Kastamonu- Taşköprü Cellulose and Rolling Paper Integrated Plant over from the Directorate of Privatization Administration.
  •    It is granted the award of ‘’Most Environment- Friently Industrial Establishment’’ by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry and Izmir Provincial Department of Environment.
  •    It opens the cultural centre in Muğla Dalaman, it organizes first symphony concerts in the region.
  •    Sponsors the excavations of Kaunos Ancient City in Muğla Dalyan.
  •    It acquires the ‘’The most recognized brand sectorally’’ registration by Turkish Patent Institute with its modern technology and sense of quality.
  •    MOPAK breaks new ground by producing paper two sides of which are equal, smooth and entire surface of equal intensity, by adding top wire to the paper machine in Dalaman.


  •    MOPAK ensures the elementary school class 1 and 2 students in Dalaman to get free eye screning.
  •    The standards are increased by the investments to the cardboard facilities, offline coating plants and paper mills.

2005     IT infrastructure of all facilities is upgraded and ERP applications are used.


·    Fourth- generation representative of the Molay family, E. Ruhi Molay takes over the business.