Human Resources



    MOPAK GROUP continues to strengthen its changing and developing structure since 1926, by making investments human resources as well as new technologies and markets.

    MOPAK which incorporates young talents to bring this experience into future as well as the experienced and professional staff and administrative staff continuing to provide labor for many years since its establishment, applies its continuous development policy also to the human resources.

    The objectives and competencies of all employees appropriate to the job definitions based upon the strategic objectives of the MOPAK GROUP in accordance with the Strategic Human Resource Management are determined.

    MOPAK which provide a variety of career opportunities to its employees with its intercorporate and external training programs, individual rotation and job enrichment opportunities, investment projects and committee works, also supports the productivity and success of its employees in accordance with their careers with the performance assessment process and  develops training / development plans for the improvement areas.

    Our company which gives particular importance to the health and safety of its employees, provides training related to the actions need to be taken for the work safety since the day each employee started the job, and maintains the continuous improvement works on this issue in the business environment.

    There is performance-based awarding as well as the pricing according to the market conditions and the extra facilities in the wage system which is fair and based on the standards.

    Our company which organizes a variety of events throughout the year in order to increase the motivation of the employees, organizes activities supporting the hobby clubs formed by the employees, additionally.


    MOPAK continues growing by incorporating the candidates that can bring the strong brand image in the industry, the extensive experience and the expertise to future, that will be open to development and change by rapidly adapting to the corporate culture and that will make difference with his work.

    Our company which evaluates the competence and potential of the candidates primarily in the selection and placement process, provides career and development opportunities to the young ones with the high potential who will just begin their careers as well as the experienced workers.

    MOPAK evaluates the internal transfer and promotion opportunities in case of a suitable candidate, by scanning the competence inventory of the employees within the organization primarily in all open positions, due to its human resources policy. In the absence of candidates for internal recruitment, it starts the external recruitment process with several advertisements and channels.

    All job applications are made through our internet ads and our web site or directly to our Human Resources department. The applications are subjected to preselections according to the predetermined criteria for the open positions by our experts. The candidates suitable for the criteria are called to interview.


    The interns that are referred formally within the scope of compulsory internship from  schools or  by the Turkish Employment Agency (IŞKUR) can be employed in the MOPAK Group.


    A fair and standard-based wages policy is implemented in MOPAK GROUP based on the work done by employees.

    The wages policy is determined in accordance with the education level of employees, competencies, the qualifications of the work undertaken by them, the performance evaluation results and market wage conditions.

    Performance-based awarding are present as well as the pricing according to the market conditions and the extra facilities in the wage system.

    The confidentiality is essential in our company because all information on wages are personal.


    A training policy to ensure the continuity of the commitment and development of the MOPAK Group employees, is followed.

    The training and development plans of our employees are prepared by human resources department each year in line with the career planning and performance evaluation results.

    We can summarize our training policy as the continuous development of our training and development activities with the learning organization point of view, the supporting of creative perspectives and differencies and the continuous strengthening of the leadership.


    MOPAK GROUP follows a performance management policy in order to improve the development and performance of the employees.

    The management’s objectives related to the competence criteria appropriate to the annual individual objectives of the employees and the job definitions are determined and supported with interim evaluations in the scope of the performance evaluation system implemented regularly each year and feedbacks are provided with the one to one interviews between the managers and employees, by the end of the year.

    Employee’s training/development plan is prepared according to the performance evaluation results and the promotions and other career decisions, wage/reward system and training programs are prepared taken into account the performance evaluation results.


    The Career planning model is prepared on the basis of performance, competence, training and development in MOPAK Group.

    The personal and professional development plans of our employees are prepared in line with the competencies and qualifications expected from the positions and in line with the company objectives.

    The career options such as promotion, internal transfer, rotation, business development are presented to our employees by using the career matrix and internal competency inventory.