Mission, Vision, Values


Our Mission: Building a connection between paper and life

Our Vision: Adding a surplus value to life as innovative, reachable, passionate, original and a leading brand in the field with its sustainable growth principle.

Our Values:

  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Authenticity
  • Customer Orientation

Our Goals

  •       Becoming a leading name in the sector
  •       Improving our good and prominent brand image that is reflected to all our business activities in the future and advance in this way.
  •       Adopting the philosophy of unity with our customers
  •       Valuing our employees
  •       Abiding the law and moral principles
  •       Protecting the environment


  •    All of its services and operations are carried out with 100% customer satisfaction
  •    It is known by customers as a reliable, notable, high quality, presigious and innovative company.
  •    It gives the education and the youth the value and care they deserve.
  •    It is the first brand the people remember when they hear paper and cardboard industry.
  •    It uses advertisement as a tool to raise awarness and educate the consumers as well as strengthening the brand image.
  •    It always comes as the first in its field when it comes to introducing the state of the art methods.
  •    It always acts with the strategy of preserving and improving the powerful image and is prominent with its educated, modern and consumer-friendly human potential.
  •    It always carries out activities during the manufacturing process to prevent pollution.

The company has an image that makes the consumer feel that s/he is unique.