Who We Are



Do you know the story of the seed? How it grows, develop, how it struggle to take root on earth...?

First, it is sprinkled to the broad lands as far as the eye can see. It is alone, small but it is determined to recognize the place, to belong to the earth it is placed.

It waits to grow up, to grow apace and to be more fertile than the other seeds. Sometimes it is washed by the rain, sometimes it is fed by the sun, sometimes seasons wilt it, but it is being strong, to be patient.

It knows this and always holds its head high. When the time is right, it receives the prize of always looking up and standing up, and crops. And it knows after each good crop, it will return to its earth, to its home again. And will always restart... Continually, inexhaustibly, always renewed and getting stronger...

Just like Mopak Group...Mopak Group which began paper production 90 years ago, today is the largest paper and cardboard manufacturer of Middle East and the Balkans and the leading provider of Turkish Paper and Cardboard sector.

The company is the greatest dynamo of the sector with exports to many countries as the architect of the great success achieved by 100% Turkish capital. The annual production, paper processing capacity of MOPAK which makes a name for itself as a global brand with its high growth rate, product variety from 25 grams to 500 grams, exports to 36 countries and the huge integrated facilities in Dalaman, is as follows:

Paper processing volume over 100,000 tons (photocopy paper, school notebook, computer respite forms etc.)

140,000 tons of corrugated paper production capacity

140,000 coated paperboard production capacity

40,000 tons of coated paperboard production capacity

40,000 tons of uncovered 1. pulp paper production capacity

7,500 tons of cellulose production

25,000 tons of cigarette and filter tipping paper production.

In addition, it gradually increases its volume in the production of waste paper with the Deinking and OCC lines.