Our History


After the long years of war and poverty, with the proclamation of the Republic in 1923, a brand new era began for Turkey and the Turkish society that were born from the ashes. The Republic of Turkey has risen on the foundations laid in social life, science, education, art, agriculture and industry with the transformation that took place under the leadership of the Great Leader Atatürk. In that most depressed period of history; It took its place on the world stage as a free, democratic and powerful country. In those days, every field planted, every nail nailed, every workplace opened went down in history as the first children of our Republic. Here Mopak is one of these first children of our Republic.

In 1926, when the Young Republic of Turkey was taking its first steps, a Cretan Turk named Mehmet Ali Molay took the first step of Mopak's centuries-old journey by establishing a small printing house on Izmir's Fevzi Pasha Boulevard. This printing house, which came to life as a small enterprise at a time when a country was rebuilt and the economy and industry were just crawling, will turn into one of the most glorious success stories of the Turkish Economy in the following decades.

When the calendars showed 1930, Turkey, despite the great economic crisis in the world, gained the identity of a country that developed rapidly with successful breakthroughs and reached the power to compete in the conditions of the modern world. In those days, a new page was opened in Mopak, which was growing rapidly and steadily just like Turkey; Under the leadership of Ethem Ruhi Molay, who represents the second generation of the family, the company entered the packaging industry after printing.

During the following years, while Turkey gains strength in competition with the important countries of the world in trade and industry, Mopak continues its business life by continuously growing as an important actor of Turkey's industrial development with innovations and investments beyond the age. Following the successes in the domestic market, Mopak has now turned its route abroad and its export targets have begun to take shape. At this point, production and export have become the driving force and critical success factors for the Turkish economy.

Mehmet Ali Molay, who graduated from the Berlin Academy of Graphic Arts in 1970 and bears the same name as the founder of the company, returns home and establishes his own printing house. This enterprise, established by Molay with modern production techniques and an innovative management approach, will achieve great success in a short period of 4 years and join forces with the company under the management of Ethem Ruhi Molay and Mopak will become a much more comprehensive production center and An important step will be taken towards becoming a brand.

In 1979, following the death of Ethem Ruhi Molay, who gave great momentum to the company, Mehmet Ali Molay took the helm. The 80's, when Turkey underwent a major transformation both socially and economically, was a period in which milestones and records were set for Mopak both in the domestic and foreign markets. The company continues on its way by establishing business models required by the new world and the new socio-economic situation, growing continuously with innovative strategies and investments.

Mopak now transforms into a giant structure that produces with high capacity in a wide spectrum from playing paper to cigarette paper, stationery materials to notebook and photocopy paper and continues to achieve great success in exports as well as in the domestic market. Mopak in the early 90's; In addition to being among the top three exporting companies, it has become one of the companies with the highest employment and highest investment in the domestic market.

With the training center established in the same period, Mopak also undertakes the task of training qualified human resources for the sector. In the following years, the scope of this mission will be expanded and the MOPAK Education and Culture Foundation (MEV) is established in order to raise creative and productive individuals required by Turkish Industry, to increase their knowledge and experience and to ensure their social development.

Stepping into the retail sector in 1992, Mopak opens the first stationery hypermarkets in Izmir. As of this date, a new era will begin, with new hypermarkets and sales channels opened in different cities, Mopak products will begin to meet large customer masses through multiple channels.

Following this new initiative in which it opened a new page in its history, Mopak will be the first Turkish brand to participate in PaperWorld, the world's largest paper fair held in Frankfurt every year. The company expands its overseas expansion in the second half of the 90's. Established in 1996, MOPAK Deutschland GmbH will serve as the center of exports to European countries in the future.

By the end of the 20th century, Mopak has become the largest production center of Turkey in this area with an annual production of 6 thousand tons of paper and a capacity of 100 thousand tons of paper processing. Dalaman Cellulose-Paper Carton Integrated Facilities, established here by Mopak, who won the privatization tender for Seka Dalaman in 2000, went into operation in 2001 and started to produce cardboard after cellulose.

Mopak, which adopts an environmentally friendly and sustainable business model by using the latest technologies in production, brings the Industrial Eucalyptus Plantations Project into life by realizing Turkey's first industrial forest project in 2003 in order to make environmentally friendly production and to increase economic contribution.

Mopak is now a reference institution that can respond to the needs of the new age and the new consumer profile, and with a view that combines the latest technology with an environmentally friendly production approach, setting an example not only for its own sector but also for all industrial organizations. In 2013, at a time when the Fourth Industrial Revolution started rewriting the codes of the business world, another blood exchange took place at Mopak. The 4th Generation representative of the Molay family, Ercüment Ruhi Molay, after completing his undergraduate degree in Paper and Chemical Process Engineering in Germany, first in Economics and then Management and Organization in England, returned to the country and took over the flag from his father Mehmet Ali Molay. He starts his duty to take him to new goals.

Managed by the 4th generation, Mopak blends the respect it shows to tradition with the vision of the future and continues on its way confidently. On the one hand, the students of Apprenticeship Vocational School are trained in Kemalpaşa and Dalaman facilities, and on the other hand, investments are made in facilities and machines to get the most efficient results from this trained power. As a result of all this effort, correct risks and smart business plan, Mopak under the management of 4th generation Ruhi Molay gains a solid place for itself as the Turkish Industrial Giant in the globalizing world and strengthens the opinion leader position of the sector by producing what is not produced in Turkey.

Today, Mopak works in three production facilities with more than 600 employees to add value to life by sustainable growth within the framework of the vision of "establishing a connection between paper and life"; In addition to the social responsibility projects it carries out in various fields, it invests for a healthier and better future with the voluntary support it offers for the benefit of the environment and society.

Mopak, which has reached the age of 95 with a hundred percent domestic capital, has become the leader of the Turkish Paper Industry by continuously growing on the shoulders of four different generations of representatives of a family and producing added value, and is a "memory brand" with its history and culture; As one of the first children of our Republic, he continues his walk arm in arm with the Republic by producing, developing and keeping alive.