Archive Annihilation

How safe is the destruction of your archives?

Manage your archive destruction process safely with Mopak:

  1. Our expert staff visits the relevant institution and identifies the archive and documents to be destroyed.
  2. We deliver the recycling boxes in which the archives and documents to be filled, to the address with our private vehicles. We have two types of lockable recycling boxes as 240 and 770 liters.
  3. You can fill the recycling boxes with the folders or you can take out the documents from the folder and dispose only the documents and papers into the recycling boxes.
  4. The folders in good condition can be reused. The new labels required for these folders are provided for free by Mopak.
  5. The recycling boxes filled and locked by the institution are taken from the offices by our expert team, loaded to our vehicles and are safely transported to our Archive Disposal Center.
  6. The recycling boxes filled with archive, documents and papers are weighted and emptied by opening the locks.
  7. The archives are cut into small pieces by passing through the shredder.
  8. Your archive, document and papers passed through the shredder are compressed in the bale press of 90 tons.
  9. The archive, documents and paper disposed in this way are pulped in the Pulp Tank in our Dalaman factory and are recovered as recycle material.