Human Resources Policy

MOPAK GROUP continues to strengthen its changing and developing structure since 1926, by making investments human resources as well as new technologies and markets.

MOPAK which incorporates young talents to bring this experience into future as well as the experienced and professional staff and administrative staff continuing to provide labor for many years since its establishment, applies its continuous development policy also to the human resources.

The objectives and competencies of all employees appropriate to the job definitions based upon the strategic objectives of the MOPAK GROUP in accordance with the Strategic Human Resource Management are determined.

MOPAK which provide a variety of career opportunities to its employees with its intercorporate and external training programs, individual rotation and job enrichment opportunities, investment projects and committee works, also supports the productivity and success of its employees in accordance with their careers with the performance assessment process and  develops training / development plans for the improvement areas.

Our company which gives particular importance to the health and safety of its employees, provides training related to the actions need to be taken for the work safety since the day each employee started the job, and maintains the continuous improvement works on this issue in the business environment.

There is performance-based awarding as well as the pricing according to the market conditions and the extra facilities in the wage system which is fair and based on the standards.

Our company which organizes a variety of events throughout the year in order to increase the motivation of the employees, organizes activities supporting the hobby clubs formed by the employees, additionally.