Our Quality Policy

  • Installing, diverting and renewing the systems in order to bring the quality to the top in Mopak Technology, hardware unity and organization and crew formation.
  • Becoming a corporation that adopts the approaches of total quality management and collaborative management.
  • Establishing a traceable, certified, organized and solutioner “quality assurance” system.
  • Motivating the Mopak family with all employees towards the essential goals and empowering this motivation continuously.
  • Working with team spirit by building synergy between the companies within the group and its employees.
  • Carrying out all its activities aiming hundred percent customer satisfaction. Responding to the requests, complaints and the recommendations of customers in the quickest, securest and the most systematic way and creating conscious customers who believes in quality from product to service, protecting customers’ rights.
  • Introducing products in a quality that is adequate for the demand of the market and the economical conditions.
  • Abiding the law and moral principles.